EDT Engine Treatment

The engine cleaner machine that eliminates all signs of contamination

Jagcare in Portsmouth now offer the fabulous EDT Treatment to all makes of car!!

As now Jagcare are an EDT Automotive garage partner, so please call in to our workshop and have a chat with one of the mechanics to see if this treatment is suitable for your car.

Find out the benefits of an Engine Decontamination Treatment, and what it will do for your car

Do you remember how great your car felt the first time you drove it?

Well by having an EDT treatment at Jagcare in Portsmouth it can bring back that feeling again after we have given your car an EDT deep clean treatment. With your engine performance and driveability improved, more responsive power delivery, and smoother, quieter running, your vehicle will feel as good as new.

"What are the Benefits?"

  • Improving fuel economy by up to 25%
  • Increasing power (6 BHP) on average and Torque (7Ftlb)
  • Lowering CO emissions by an average of 69%
  • Lowering smoke emissions by an average 58%

  • Improving engine performance and driveability
  • Providing a smoother, quieter engine
  • Visibly cleaner oil after use
  • Delivering more responsive power
  • Preventing premature engine wear
  • Removing sludge, debris and varnish from your engine

"How is it done? "

We prepare the car for the engine cleaning treatment. This involves draining the old engine oil…


The EDT machine pumps an environmentally friendly liquid into the engine…


This liquid removes the build-up which contains carbon and varnish and other particles…


A clear container shows you everything being removed…


Once complete a new filter is fitted and new oil added…



The award-winning EDT Treatments improve fuel economy, reduce carbon emissions and improve driving performance!

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