Jagcare offers air conditioning maintenance and repair service.

We are an experienced air conditioning repair and servicing centre in Portsmouth with all the latest diagnostic equipment. To ensure your air-con system works well the system will require regular maintenance.

Manufacturers recommend an air conditioning service every 2 years.

A badly performing air conditioning system may cause a collection of fungus, bacteria and other microbes to grow inside the core; this will cause a bad odour, possibly an allergic reaction and in very extreme cases can lead to legionnaire’s disease.

So, when should you have the air-con serviced?

As soon as you notice any of the following…

  • Air Conditioning System not blowing cold enough?
  • Windows are not demisting properly?
  • Are you or regular passengers getting a runny nose or a headache?
  • If you notice strange noises when you turn on the Air-con ?
  • If it has been 2 years or more since your last air-con service

If you want to Save money  - We are sure you know that an inefficient air-con system may increase your fuel costs as the air conditioning pump needs to work much harder than it should.

Air conditioning maintenance and repair service